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As both a world-renowned artist and a celebrated health guru, Bobby Rock has consistently exemplified extraordinary development in mind, body and spirit. His award-winning DVD, "The Zen of Drumming," explores many of his artistic philosophies. And now, with the imminent release of his long-awaited new book, Rock-Solid Fitness, Bobby shares the secrets of the Ultimate Fitness Lifestyle.

This web site will feature excerpts from the book, as you can get a sneek peek at the three main areas that Rock-Solid Fitness covers: Nutrition, Exercise and Mind/Body Wellness.

Let's let Bobby take it away...

Hey everybody, thanks for stopping by.

The idea behind the Rock-Solid Fitness philosophy is this: To create a high-energy lifestyle that's built around a "greatest hits" compilation of the most effective and enduring nutrition, exercise and mind/body concepts available. This involves combining proven healthy lifestyle principles from the past, with cutting-edge technologies of the present, and basing them in cruelty-free, ecologically sound, vegan ethics that will ensure a better future for our planet and all of its inhabitants.

Sounds great, right? But do we really need yet another health, fitness and nutrition book? I say hell yes. Why? Because there is a staggering amount of misinformation floating around out there and it's time to truly set the record straight.

Getting Beyond the Hype

Most everyone is interested in being well, feeling good, having more energy and looking better. So in response to our societies' microwave mentality of now, now, now, the majority of our multi-billion dollar health industry strives to appeal to the consumer's traditional fascination with the quick-fix panacea.

This has created the revolving door of fad diets, "miracle" supplements, and various exercise gadgets, and spawned the myriad of radically conflicting views that have become so prevalent throughout the media. All of these options and philosophies have made things even more confusing to an uninformed public. It seems like whatever health-related bandwagon we hopped aboard last week might crash into a smoking heap of controversy this week. It's time to get Rock-Solid!

The Rock-Solid Evolution: My Unusual Journey

Despite the congested terrain of the health and fitness world, there are a number of sound, timeless and effective "Rock-Solid" philosophies, foods and supplements out there. And it's been my mission over the past 20 years to pick the diamonds out of the proverbial dunghill and piece together what I believe is the ultimate fitness lifestyle.

As a touring performing artist who takes his work very seriously, I've had to figure out how to achieve, and consistently maintain - year after year - both peak performance capabilities from my body and mind, and 200 pounds worth of an athletic physique, under circumstances that are least conducive to it. Many an artist has been crushed under the wheels of such a lifestyle so, when it comes to mind/body fitness, I've never had time to waste on the theoretical or the superficial.

Instead, creating a healthy lifestyle that is truly Rock-Solid has been an ongoing proposition of refinement, practical application and careful scrutiny. Along the way, I’ve continued my studies of health and wellness and managed to pick up several certifications (in personal training, nutrition and meditation). I’ve also pored over hundreds of books and articles and trudged my way through a veritable abyss of information, before settling on the more than 2,300 “unbiased” studies and references that would support the three-pronged foundation of this unique hybrid approach to superior fitness.

Bobby Rock:
NO animal products since 1993;
NO steroids EVER!

The Rock-Solid Fitness philosophy has been road-tested in the trenches with spectacular results...and not just by me. I've had to figure out user-friendly ways to convey this material to the inquiring masses in everything from magazine and web site articles to private consultations. Likewise, the results have been unequivocal, as the Rock-Solid Fitness lifestyle has been honed, refined and designed to address the following objectives for anyone who consistently embraces it as a lifestyle:

Rock-Solid Results!

To have endless reserves of energy to expend toward all of your activities throughout each day.
To sculpt your body into something that is aesthetically pleasing to you, based on its natural shape.
To go to bed an hour later, wake up an hour earlier, and still feel totally rested.
To rarely have to deal with those common ailments like headaches, colds, flues, various aches and pains due to poor conditioning, and digestive issues.
To have an abundance of strength, flexibility and stamina for any of your chosen physical or sports-related activities.
To live as stress-free as possible and enjoy a razor sharp mental clarity.
To improve blood pressure numbers and cholesterol levels.
To embrace a lifestyle that is compassionate to our fellow creatures, and reverent to the earth and its valuable resources.
To cultivate a more centered, peaceful and Zen-like view of your world.
To positively effect the external conditions of your life by giving time to "intentionalizing" from your internal world.
And ultimately, to stand naked in front of a full-length mirror and nod approvingly at who you are and what you see...regardless of your age!

Sound ambitious? It shouldn't. After all, it is our birthright to experience these things. We just have to adopt a lifestyle philosophy that will support us in accessing these things.

Rock-Solid Fitness...In the Proverbial Nutshell

Rock-Solid Fitness is centered around three main areas: Nutrition, Exercise and Mind/Body wellness. In the book, each section, or Realm, has an overview, followed by several chapters that expound on all of the related concepts. There is also a series of action steps that will give you immediate results and lead to the mastery of each topic.

Rock-Solid Fitness is all about a balance of these Nutrition, Exercise and Mind/Body Realms. If one area is neglected, then the whole is affected. But if we give proper attention to all three areas, then the whole synergistically expands to create unprecedented levels of health and wellness.

Think of this concept as you would a diverse investment portfolio. If, for instance, you have your money spread out over different stocks, AAA bonds and real estate holdings, your financial "fitness" is much more certain because all three investment modalities compliment one another. Similarly, consider your efforts in balancing the synergistic fitness "portfolio" of this lifestyle an investment in your health.

Depth Over Discipline: The Ultimate Destination

One final distinction that should be made about the Rock-Solid Fitness philosophy is that it's more of a way of life, as opposed to just a program or diet that you force yourself to follow through “discipline.” This never lasts. Instead, this lifestyle is more about "being" someone, as opposed to simply "doing" something. Because on the deepest level of our being, we are more than just a healthy body or a focused mind. We are here to self-actualize to our greatest capacity and demonstrate this self-actualization through every facet of our life, including the food choices we make, the reverence we demonstrate for our planet, the way we treat both people and animals and how we take care of our Body Temple. If our activities happen to be extensions or expressions of a deeper, soul-level discovery, they will become part of an effortless and rewarding lifestyle and last for a lifetime.

This is my wish for you.

So enjoy the site. Over the next month or two, I'll be posting a number of different excerpts from my new book, "Rock-Solid Fitness."

Thanks again and enjoy the journey -

Bobby Rock


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