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Here are a few links to check out. More are on the way...

Veggie Zone - Food Recommendations:

This is the part of my companion site, Veggie Zone, which covers a number of specific food and supplement recommendations. There are tons of suggestions and lots of pix. There's even an index toward the top of this page so you can jump right down to whatever you're looking for (like lunch/dinner foods, snacks, etc.).


The Ultimate Life:

This is the "ultimate" nutritional products company. The Ultimate Meal smoothie mix has been a daily staple in my regimen since '93 and remains my most recommended product. I'm also an avid user and advocate of their other four products, which are unrivaled in the marketplace. Read all about 'em:


Online Vegan Weightlifting Group:

There is some great information here regarding training, and most of the diet/supplement recommendations are 100% plant-based (a rarity online these days.) Plus, the group moderator (Mike Roberts) - who is an active participant in most of the group discussions - really has his act together and does a great job of keeping things on track. Check it out.


Veggie Zone - Basic overview on the Vegan philosophy:

Veggie Zone was created to be a sort of "One-Stop" resource on the philosophy of veganism. And since all food recommendations in Rock-Solid Fitness are vegan-friendly, I thought it might be helpful to refer you here for more information about this highly underrated and often misunderstood lifestyle. There is a lot of info at this site, but the home page will give you a good overview.


Veggie Zone - For the Planet:

Curious about the connection between the food we eat and how that relates to the planet and its resources? Check out the following link at Veggie Zone for some astonishing info.


Orin and Daben Meditation Room:

For a quick, one-to-two minute guided meditation, here's a great site. Just take a deep breath or two, click on a topic, close your eyes and step into "the zone." These are excellent for both beginning meditators who are working on focusing/quieting the mind and advanced meditators who like to check in with "Source" throughout the day between their usual, longer sessions.


Dr. Greger's Atkins Exposed site:

Still feeling drawn to high-protein, low-carb diets like Atkins? If so, you've got to see this site. It is the most detailed I've seen in refuting this harmful philosophy. He even addresses the Atkins folks rebuttals to his contentions, line by line. Very thorough. Dr. Greger..."You the Man!"


Dr. Greger's Quarterly Newsletter:

While you're at it, take a moment to sign up for Dr. Greger's free quarterly newsletter...and be ready to do some reading. This is among the most in-depth and thoroughly researched newsletters around regarding a wide range of important topics, including general nutrition concerns and studies, vegan causes, Mad Cow, Bird Flu, and a number of other issues that we all need to stay on top of. Cutting edge stuff.


"Eating" - A DVD/Video everyone must watch!:

Producer/writer Mike Anderson puts it all together in this very engaging, well-researched presentation. It is really impactful when you hear and see virtually ALL of the negatives about animal products and refined foods, and all of the benefits of the optimal plant-based diet, in about an hour. This vid is absolutely perfect for someone new to the philosophy, as well as an excellent reinforcement piece to those who have been on the path. Excellent job, Mike!


Nutrition Data:

This site provides nutritional data (like calories, ingredients, etc.) for a number of common foods. An excellent resource.


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